Steven P. Eschbach, CFA




Steven P. Eschbach, CFA, is the Principal and Founding Member of Eschbach & Associates, LLC, an independent financial communications and investor relations consulting firm that assists its clients achieve its strategic goals and objectives in its communications efforts with the investment community as well as their endeavors with mergers and acquisitions.

Prior to this, Steve was the Vice President – Investor Relations for Integrys Energy Group, Inc. (NYSE:TEG), a $5.5 billion market cap holding company of five Midwestern utilities in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota, from 2007 to 2015. Integrys was acquired by Wisconsin Energy Corporation at a 20% premium to its pre-acquisition stock price, a $1 billion increase in its market capitalization, and he departed the company upon the successful close of the merger transaction in June 2015.

Steve has held the lead investor relations role for several technology and energy companies such as FuelCell Energy, Inc., RMI.NET, Inc.; Kinder Morgan, Inc.; and Yankee Energy System, Inc. Prior to his investor relations roles at these companies, he was an expert financial witness in public utility rate cases for the State of Connecticut where he prepared and defended testimony in over a dozen proceedings on financial issues such as rate of return on rate base, return on equity, capital structure and other accounting topics.

Steve has a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from the University of Connecticut (1980), and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Hartford (1985). He attained his CFA Charter designation in 1989 and is former member of a number of advisory committees of the CFA Chicago Society.

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